Health and Wellness

Changing Your Inner Beliefs For Health and Wellness

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You Know What to Eat!

  • Your Weight Issues aren't because of misinformation.
  • So why can't you apply what you know?
  • Your Negative Subconscious Mind controls your food issues.
  • It controls what you eat and how much you eat.
  • As you grow a healthy Subconscious Mind, you take charge.
  • Changing inwardly brings Transformation.


A Part of You Sabotages Your Efforts

  • Do old habits control your daily life?
  • Is it difficult to increase your self esteem?
  • Do you feel like negative beliefs about yourself hold you back?
  • Are your relationships suffering as a result of your unhealthy habits?
  • Are you unsure how to overcome these old habits and beliefs that hold you back?


Our goal is to explore then transform your inner belief about yourself

As you do you relax free from the old habits and concerns



Schedule your complimentary 40 minute "Transformal Session".  Learn how our Seattle and Bellevue Transformational Coaching can help you move forward and become healthier

  • Re-energize your inner healer
  • Establish a clear path toward your goals of health and wellness
  • Learn how to overcome the self sabotage that holds you back
  • Rejuvinate your positive belief in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals.
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Not all health issues are the same.  We will review the different issues that hold you back.

  • Weight
  • Health
  • Wellness

You will discover that each of these various issues have unique, negative beliefs associates with them.  It is also useful to explore your personal history to discover how each of these have been affected by your family upbringing and experiences. 

Using a variety of techniques and skills we will explore then address each of these to heal old programming and create a plan to move forward in a healthier way.

Clean up the past and you change your belief about what you deserve