Enjoying Emotional Freedom

Enjoy Emotional Freedom

Become your Authentic Self for Emotional Freedom

Deeper Issue Release Program

Two to Four Months to Complete


Importance of healing wounded parts and resolving Guardian issues

Heal inner parts and reparenting self

Focusing on issues, help parts realize truth, express their emotions, validate

Ego doubt, becomes Self Confidence and Inner Peace

Guardian self sabotage becomes trust and releasing control

Inner Parts conflict becomes healed and released

Connecting with higher self to motivate and inspire and glimpse how life can be



6 – 50 minute Hypnosis sessions (Enlightened Self, Release Emotions, Dialogue with Inner Parts, Guardian, Opposite Gender Self)

Motivational Audio CDs/mp3s to reinforce your success on a daily basis

2 - 30 minute Phone Sessions for support

“When you need them” email support

 Pre-recorded Videos to keep you on-tract and eliminate self sabotage

 Pre-recorded Audios for support and motivation

Journal of writings

1 Past Regression

1 Future Progression (Future Life)

EFT with Inner Parts Healing

Guided meditation





Outside experience of just listening - Sphere of the Now

Sitting back to back

Eyes for Connection


Listen at home to hypnosis and motivational sessions

Emotional Conversion through life


The second third anchors in these positive changes and improved subconscious beliefs


This next phase focuses upon sessions that link your positive hypnosis suggestions into your daily life.  It includes discovering and resolving your inner parts' issues and reducing the control of your resistive subconscious mind.  This program offers support over the next 2-4 month period. Your individual process determines how long this phase will last.