The Benefits of Email and Phone Coaching Sessions

The Benefits of Email and Phone Coaching Sessions


Phone Sessions

Occasionally we do coaching over the phone or by emails. This may be necessary when particular or immediate issues arise that need to be addressed in a more timely fashion.


You will find that email and phone sessions to be a valuable component of your Coaching Program. Here are the primary reasons for these appointments:


• Solving immediate and necessary issues


• Discussing ongoing challenging situations


• Gaining insight into problems that are causing pressing concerns


• Developing new goals as needed in the moment


• Obtaining a useful new perspective


• Brainstorming new ideas and approaches


• Learning how to search for new qualified options


• Getting tips on different techniques for success


Since the main reason for obtaining timely expert advice with email and phone coaching is to receive a personalized response within 24-36 hour time period, we will focus upon using this approach to clarify situation in order to move forward.


Often a situation arises that requires immediate advice and strategies to address your specific needs. Pertinent supportive material in the form of articles, worksheets, workbooks, and other resources will be recommended.