Awakening to the Now

Awakening to the Now

 Awaken to the Now for Spiritual Transformation

Living in the Moment Spiritual Program

Two to Four Months to Complete



  1. What's stopping or holding you back from being in the Now right now?

Included is a brief review of why it's so hard to experience living in the moment and what's holding you back.

  1. Why is it good to be in the Now?

What are the benefits of living in the Now?  Why would you want to experience this state of mind?

  1. How would you know you are in the Now?

What is it like to be there?  What exactly will the experience be like when this occurs?

  1. Ready to experience being in the Now?

          So once you decide how beneficial it is to be in the moment, here are some things you can do to make it happen.

  1. What does it take to be in the Now more often?

Now that you have experienced being in the Now, how can you use this experience in your daily life?  How can it become natural for you?



6 – 50 minute Hypnosis for Spiritual sessions

Motivational Audio CDs/mp3s to reinforce your success on a daily basis

2 - 30 minute Phone Sessions for support

“When you need them” email support

Pre-recorded Videos to keep you on-tract

Pre-recorded Audios for support and motivation

Journal of writings

Guided meditation

Tapping for spiritual connections

Guided meditation to talk with Guides and others

Video for support

1/2 hour coaching phone calls

Weekly emails

How to live the life you want to live

How to meditate with a quiet mind

How to create positive thoughts and feelings

How to focus upon what you want

How to be successful despite the self sabotage within

How to quiet that chattering, critical mind

How to overcome that negative mind

How to discover your Authentic Self

How to connect with your Spiritual Self

How to practice Transcendental Realism (Practical Spirituality)



Sitting outside listening to all

Watching thoughts



The final third solidifies these transformations permanently into your life

The most important outcome of this phase is transforming your life is a positive way.  To make the significant changes your most desire so that you permanently release old programs of resistance and successfully move into a new way of being.  A new life that expresses the joy and happiness you deserve and desire as you enjoy living more and more in the Present Moment.  This ushers you into a spiritual expression of your life, in whatever way best suites your own particular beliefs. We like to consider it as Practical Spirituality for it becomes your daily life.