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About Transformational Coaching for the Seattle and Bellevue Area 

Struggling with Self-Doubt, Inner Conflict and Limiting Beliefs?

 Isn't it time to Embrace a Life of Happiness, Peace and Fulfillment?

Create a Healthy Self

  Enjoy Emotional Freedom

  Awaken to Living in the Now 


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 Schedule Your Complimentary 45 Minute Transformational Session

This session is designed to help you get crystal clear and:

Ignite your inner passion to resolve old issues that once held you back

 Discover how your inner resistance sabotages your success and relationships

 Create a plan for your Authentic Self and begin a new, positive chapter of your life

 Develop renewed optimism about achieving self fulfillment and awaken to the Now

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Schedule your complimentary, 45 minute Transformational Session either in my office or by phone and feel a renewed sense of hope and direction.  You can overcome what holds you back.

Are you struggling with:



Personal Issues?

Romantic Relationships?

Or just want to be free to experience a more positive, transformational way of living?

Enhance your Life and Empower your Ability to:

  • Resolve Health Issues
  • Deepen Romantic Relationships
  • Transform Personal Blockages


My name is David Greenwood. My passion is to help you transform and become your Real Authentic Self and connect with the Now.

As a Counselor, Hypnotherapist, Transformational Life Coach, and Personal Growth Facilitator, I have been involved with personal growth and spirituality for over 40 years.

Let me help you discover greater health, joy and fulfillment by moving through the blockages and inner resistance that hold you back and sabotage your personal and professional life. 

Our exclusive, personalized Premium Programs provide you with the essential tools to realize your ultimate dreams

Each of these Programs may take as little as 2 months and up to 4 months to complete.  You are in charge of how fast you complete your program.

We offer three Programs for Personal Transformation.

Program 1 - Create a Healthy Self

This program is for:

  • Transforming Anxieties for Personal Growth
  • Improving Relationships with Greater Intimacy
  • Achieving Wellness and your Healthy Weight

The first third of the program is designed to lay the foundation for success

These sessions are completed to lock-in new positive beliefs and behaviors.  Sessions include focusing upon positive suggestions, future planning, specific regressions and infuse your subconscious with positive beliefs and behaviors


Create a positive subconscious mind

Create a healthy ego, no longer denying or escaping with food, alcohol, etc.

Become empowered confident, positive and successful

After completing your Create a Healthy Self Program, you may wish to continue your Personal Growth by focusing on two deeper programs to Create Emotional Freedom or the Awaken in the Now Program.


Program 2 - Enjoy Emotional Freedom

This program is for:

  • Become your Authentic Self for Emotional Freedom
  • Discover and Heal Wounded Inner Parts
  • This is a Deeper Issue Release Program


Importance of healing wounded parts and resolving Guardian issues

Heal inner parts and reparenting self

Focusing on issues, help parts realize truth, express their emotions, validate

Ego doubt, becomes Self Confidence and Inner Peace

Guardian self sabotage becomes trust and releasing control

Inner Parts conflict becomes healed and released

Connecting with higher self to motivate and inspire and glimpse how life can be


The second third anchors in these positive changes and improved subconscious beliefs

 This next phase focuses upon sessions that link your positive hypnosis suggestions into your daily life.  It includes discovering and resolving your inner parts' issues and reducing the control of your resistive subconscious mind.  This program offers support over the next 2-4 month period. Your individual process determines how long this phase will last.

Program 3 - Your Authentic Self Awaits - Awake in the Now

This program is for:

  • Awaken to the Now for Spiritual Transformation
  • Living in the Moment Empowerment Program
  • Connecting with Your Authentic Self



 The final third solidifies these transformations permanently into your life

The most important outcome of this phase is transforming your life is a positive way.  To make the significant changes your most desire so that you permanently release old programs of resistance and successfully move into a new way of being.  A new life that expresses the joy and happiness you deserve and desire as you enjoy living more and more in the Present Moment.  This ushers you into a spiritual expression of your life, in whatever way best suites your own particular beliefs. We like to consider it as Practical Spirituality for it becomes your daily life.


1.   What's stopping or holding you back from being in the Now right now?

          Included is a brief review of why it's so hard to experience living in the moment and what's holding you back.

2.   Why is it good to be in the Now?

          What are the benefits of living in the Now?  Why would you want to experience this state of mind?

3.   How would you know you are in the Now?

          What is it like to be there?  What exactly will the experience be like when this occurs

4.   Ready to experience being in the Now?

          So once you decide how beneficial it is to be in the moment, here are some things you can do to make it happen.

5.   What does it take to be in the Now more often?

          Now that you have experienced being in the Now, how can you use this experience in your daily life?  


These 3 Programs can include these supporting criteria:

Five 50 minute hypnosis for Spiritual sessions

Motivational Audio CDs/mp3s to reinforce your success on a daily basis

Two - 30 minute Phone Sessions for support

“When you need them” email support

 Pre-recorded Videos to keep you on-tract

 Pre-recorded Audios for support and motivation

Journal of writings

Guided meditation

Tapping for spiritual connections

Guided meditation to talk with Guides and others

Video for support

1/2 hour coaching phone calls

Weekly emails

How to live the life you want to live

How to meditate with a quiet mind

How to create positive thoughts and feelings

How to focus upon what you want

How to be successful despite the self sabotage within

How to quiet that chattering, critical mind

How to overcome that negative mind

How to discover your Authentic Self

How to connect with your Spiritual Self

How to practice Transcendental Realism (Practical Spirituality)


Each Program can include these Exercises:

Sitting outside listening to all

Watching thoughts 

 50 minute Hypnosis sessions (Enlightened Self, Release Emotions, Dialogue with Inner Parts, Guardian, Opposite Gender Self)

Motivational Audio CDs/mp3s to reinforce your success on a daily basis

30 minute Phone Sessions for support

“When you need them” email support

 Pre-recorded Videos to keep you on-tract and eliminate self sabotage

 Pre-recorded Audios for support and motivation

Journal of writings

Past Regression

Future Progression (Future Life)

EFT with Inner Parts Healing

Guided meditation  

Outside experience of just listening - Sphere of the Now

Sitting back to back

Eyes for Connection


Listen at home to hypnosis and motivational sessions

Emotional Conversion through life



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David Greenwood

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